Saturday, May 25, 2013

Raptor Quiz Part One

The images in this post come from the "not very good" folder. Consequently, they lend themselves to quiz material. Poor lighting, deep cropping, and other factors make identification of some of these birds challenging. I've numbered them 1 to 12. If you are interested, write down the number and the ID and then share your ID in the comments below. Even if you only attempt to ID a few it can be a fun exercise. I'll share my IDs in a few days.

All of these raptor images were captured in the state of Utah. If you can identify them trying adding the age or specific subspecies name. Hint: Some species and even the same bird may show up multiple times in the images below.

Merlin? Yes. But Taiga, Prairie, or intergrade?












  1. Do you mean intergrade for the merlin and not hybrid?

  2. Here are my IDs:
    1) Taiga Merlin (possibly an intergrade, but difficult to know for sure)
    2) Light Adult Harlan's Hawk
    3) Adult Cooper's Hawk
    4) Dark Ferruginous Hawk
    5) Light Adult Harlan's Hawk (same bird as #2)
    6) Juvenile Harlan's Hawk
    7) Adult Sharp-shinned Hawk
    8) Juvenile Harlan's Hawk
    9) Adult Sharp-shinned Hawk
    10)Juvenile Cooper's Hawk
    11)Adult Light Harlan's (same bird as #2 & #5)
    12)The tail of bird #7--Adult Sharp-shinned Hawk

    Thanks to those who responded via email

    1. Doh! #9 is a "juvenile" Sharpie. Still has the yellow eyes and, thanks to Jerry Liguori's feedback(THE raptor expert), brown streaked head and brown back. Juvenile's can have the adult-like rufous look on the underside, but it is not as barred as full adults. Thanks, Jerry!